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Series Aims
  • To understand the seriousness of our sin and how difficult it was for Jesus to take our punishment on the cross.
  • To see how Jesus' death on the cross makes it possible for us to be friends with God.
  • To see how the resurrection of Jesus proves that he has taken our punishment and conquered death. He is therefore able to offer eternal life for those who trust in him.
Series Overview
This series zooms in on the last three chapters of Mark and looks at the arrest, death and resurrection of Jesus. The first lesson explores the anguish of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane as he pleads with God to not make him endure the cross. The lesson also shows the obedience of Jesus as he submits to the Father's will by allowing himself to be arrested.
The second lesson shows Jesus' continued obedience as he submits to being unfairly tried, ill-treated and brutally executed. It is only in his death that he is finally recognised by a Roman centurion to be the Son of God. The other events which occur during the crucifixion show the significance of Jesus' death; God satisfies his need for justice and extends a hand of friendship towards people who have rebelled against him.
The third lesson explores the wonderful news of Jesus' resurrection. The tomb was found to be empty because Jesus had conquered death. He is who he claimed to be, the Son of God who has come to rescue his people and offer them eternal life.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - The King's Cup (Mark 14:32-50)
Lesson 2 - The King's Cross (Mark 14:55-65, 15:1-47)
Lesson 3 - The King's Alive (Mark 16:1-8)

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