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Series Aims
  • To understand who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.
  • To understand that following Jesus will involve suffering, denying self and obedience to him.
  • To understand that to be part of God's kingdom we must trust Jesus alone.
  • To understand that true followers of Jesus will love him and live their whole lives with him as their king.

Series Overview
This series (Part 3) covers Mark 8:31 to 14:11, following Peter's declaration of Jesus as the Messiah. It explores the implications of this truth and considers the two ways in which people respond:
  • True Discipleship of those who know Jesus as God's king and want to follow him.Jesus teaches them that those who want to follow him will live and suffer like him (week 1); listen to and obey him (week 2); have faith in him (weeks 3 and 6); and love him above all else (weeks 4 and 7).
  • Rejection of those who cannot accept Jesus as king.This is most clearly seen in the religious leaders' hatred of Jesus and desire to kill him (weeks 6 and 7), but also in the rich young man's unwillingness to put Jesus first (week 3); the hypocrisy of those in the temple (week 5); and even the comments of those who did not value him as they should (week 7).
The disciples still struggled with many of these things,  but they now recognised that Jesus is God's promised king and wanted to live as he requires.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - The King's Followers (8:31-9:1)
Lesson 2 - The King's Glory (9:2-13)
Lesson 3 - The King Requires (10:13-31)
Lesson 4 - The King's Gift (10:35-52)
Lesson 5 - The King Detests (11:1-25)
Lesson 6 - The King will Judge (12:1-12)
Lesson 7 - The King's Anointing (14:1-11)

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