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Series Aims
  • To understand how the kingdom of God grows when the truth about Jesus is preached.
  • To understand why there are mixed responses to the truth about Jesus.
  • To teach the extent of Jesus' power and authority over every area of life.
  • To understand that Jesus is the promised king and loving shepherd of God's people.
  • To understand that people need Jesus to help them see who he is and to change their hearts so that they can trust him.

Series Overview
This series (Part 2) covers Mark 4:1 to 8:30 and contains two related themes:
  • Jesus' identity as the all-powerful Son of God. This is clearly seen in his command of the wind and the waves (week 2); his authority over evil spirits (week 3); his power over death (week 4); his feeding of the 5,000 (week 5); walking on water (week 6); and his healing the blind man (week 9).
  • God's kingdom as a seemingly insignificant but growing entity which will exceed expectation (week 2). The way into the kingdom is by responding to the word of the king (week 1). The kingdom is not about man-made religious rules, but changed hearts (week 8) and the removal of spiritual blindness (week 9) so that people can see who Jesus really is and respond to his word.
These themes are connected in the person of Jesus. People become part of God's growing kingdom when they respond to the word of Jesus, his promised king. This is only possible when God changes people's hearts and allows them to see who Jesus really is.

Mark 8:30 is a pivot point in the Gospel. Once Jesus has been correctly identified as the promised king, he goes on to explain why he came into the world and what it means to follow him. This series ends with a clear understanding that Jesus is the promised king. The implications of this great truth will be explored in Part 3.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - The King's Word (4:1-20)
Lesson 2 - The King's Growing Kingdom (4:26-34)
Lesson 3 - The King's Power over Nature (4:35-41)
Lesson 4 - The King's Power over Evil (5:1-20)
Lesson 5 - The King's Power over Death (5:21-43)
Lesson 6 - The King Provides (6:30-44)
Lesson 7 - The King Walks on Water (6:45-52)
Lesson 8 - The King of Hearts (7:1-23)
Lesson 9 - The King's Question (8:22-30

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