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Series Aims
  • To understand that Jesus is the Son of God, the promised king of God's kingdom.
  • To know that Jesus came to call sinners by preaching the good news about God's kingdom.
  • To know that the only appropriate response to the good news about Jesus is repentance and faith.
  • To understand that speaking about Jesus and the kingdom of God often invites hostile opposition.

Series Overview
This series covers Mark 1:1 to 3:6. In this first section of Mark Jesus is introduced as the Christ, the Son of God (1:1). Mark then substantiates that claim by weaving together a number of scenes from Jesus' life to prove that he has absolute authority over every aspect of human experience. Jesus has authority to call people to follow him; to heal; to cast out demons; to teach; and to forgive sin - something only God can do!
As Jesus' popularity increases so too does the opposition from the Jewish religious leaders. Jesus doesn't fit their understanding of what the promised king of God's kingdom ought to be like - he recruits the most unlikely men to be his followers and makes friends with corrupt outcasts. This opposition escalates rapidly until 3:6 when the Pharisees resolve to kill him.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - The King is Coming (Mark 1:1-8)
Lesson 2 - The King is Here (Mark 1:9-13)
Lesson 3 - The King's Men (Mark 1:14-20)
Lesson 4 - The King's Priority (Mark 1:29-39)
Lesson 5 - The King Forgives (Mark 2:1-12)
Lesson 6 - The King's Friends (Mark 2:13-17)
Lesson 7 - The King's Enemies (Mark 3:1-6)

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