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Series Aims
  • To understand that God was in control of everything that happened at Jesus’ death.
  • To understand that Jesus’ death paid for our sin so that we can be friends with God.
  • To understand that the right response to this good news is to worship and joyfully obey God, sharing the good news with others

Series Overview
This series covers Matthew’s account of the trial, death and resurrection of Jesus and emphasises the two opposite viewpoints surrounding these events:
  • Man’s View – The Jewish leaders, soldiers and crowd mocked and abused Jesus at his death. They saw him as just another criminal, a false Messiah and a failure, too weak to save himself (week 1). Their reaction to the news of his resurrection reflected their lack of understanding – fear, anger, stubborn rejection and a determination to cover up the truth with lies (week 2).
  • God’s View – Although the cross looked like weakness, it had always been part of God’s plan to judge sin and make friendship between God and sinners possible (week 1). God’s viewpoint was shared by the women and disciples who responded to his resurrection with reverence, worship, and joyful obedience, sharing this good news with others (week 2).
It is clear from these last chapters of Matthew’s report that there are only two possible responses to the gospel: either we will receive it joyfully in faith and obedience or we will scorn it and harden our hearts.

Series Outline
Lesson 1 - The King is Dead (Matthew 27:15-61)
Lesson 2 - Long Live the King (Matthew 27:62 – 28:20)

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