Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?
    There is no monthly subscription - you only pay for the lessons you choose. Lessons are sold in sets and work out to £1 per lesson, but they are sold in complete sets. You can select a different currency at the top left or the bottom right of the page. This is a downloadable resource. We do not provide books.

  • Where can I view a sample lesson?
    We provide the full first lesson of every single series as a downloadable sample. Simply click any product image to see a breakdown of the series. On the right of that page below the green 'Add to Basket' button is a link for the sample lesson.

  • How long does it take for my purchase to be made available for download?
    It should appear in the 'Purchases' section of 'My Account' as soon as your payment has been processed.

  • What are the 'Supplements'?
    We are in the process of producing 'Language Packs' and full colour 'Graphics Packs' for each product.
    • Language Packs include all the craft work and activity sheets in various languages. These packs have been translated by customers in various parts of the world who are using the material. They are provided free of charge with the purchase of each product.
    • Graphics Packs include images and illustrations used in each product so that you can enlarge and print them in colour or use them on a data projector.

  • I'm having problems printing the material.
    Certain versions of Adobe Reader may fail to print all the pages of a document or print certain pages enlarged and across multiple pages. If this happens, please select, 'Print as image' in the advanced settings of your print dialogue. If this does not work, then please contact us for further assistance. Also, be sure to always select 'actual size' in the main print dialogue to ensure all craft work lines up correctly.

  • How do I share files with my team?
    It's probably best NOT to share your login information with anyone. We have found using Dropbox or Google Drive to be the most efficient and secure way to share information with our church ministry team. We also share our rota and the graphics pack with our team in this way. Another option is to create a generic email address for your church's children's minsitry and use that to create the account. You can then share those details with the rest of your team.

  • Why can I not 'cut and paste' from the PDF files?
    All of the PDF files are locked. This is the only way that we can protect the theological integrity of our resources. The same copyright laws that apply to printed books apply to these resources and we ask that these be respected. Should you wish to adapt the resource for your particular situation it is best to supply the resource to your leaders as it is and then provide a separate page outlining what you would prefer them to include/exclude or any change in emphasis you wish them to make.

  • When will more material be available?
    The 3-11 year old series will ultimately be a 4-year curriculum comprising a total of 216 lessons (52 lessons per year plus Good Friday and Christmas Day). The proposed syllabus outline for 3-11's can be found here.

    The lessons are designed to be taught as stories for children under 7 and basic Bible studies for children over 7. The idea being that if you cycle through this material twice in your local church over an 8 year period, every child will receive every lesson twice; once as a story and once as a basic Bible study.

    All our material is being trialled in several churches before being published - this takes time. We aim to complete the entire programme by August of 2019.

  • Is there a syllabus outline?
    The proposed syllabus outline for 3-11s can be found here.

    We will also be producing a syllabus for 11-18s.

    The syllabus outline for the Bible Tots preschool material is provided on pages 4 and 5 of each product in that series. You can view these pages by downloading the sample lesson via the link under 'Sample' on the righthand side of this page.